Grand Phnom Penh International City (GPPIC) - nestled in the best connected part of Phnom Penh - is poised to reap the benefits of a transformed city; as the Capita City progresses exponentially to becoming one of the region’s most vibrant economic and cultural hubs.

As  connected  as  it  is  unique,  GPPIC  is  merely 8km  drive  away from  Phnom  Penh  Internationa Airport and Wat Phnom City Centre, where a world of city conveniences unfolds.Grand  Phnom  Penh  International  City  is  a  joint  development  between  Ciputra  Group, Indonesia and Y.L.P. Group, Cambodia.  "is new urban township has officially obtained the Master Plan approval from the authority of Phnom Penh Municipality; this will propel the property value appreciation potential of GPPIC to the next level.


The Ciputra Group was established in 1981, and it is now one of the leading diversified property developers in Indonesia. Ciputra Group specializes in large-scaled, integrated development  projects featuring residential,  commercial,  recreational  centers,  and mixed developments including hotels, shopping malls and office complexes.

Over  the  past  three  decades,  Ciputra  Group  has  successfully  developed  residential projects  in  18  cities  in  Indonesia.  "rough the  forging  of  strategic  partnerships,  the Group  has  established illustrious  track  records,  transcending  boundaries  to Vietna (Ciputra Hanoi International City) and China (Grand Shenyang International City).